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Fyn Guldet / Gold of Funen - Songs and piano pieces composed by Hilda Sehested and Nancy Dalberg

Fun Guldet - Gold of Funen is a symbol for the cultural and musical treasure of this beautiful Danish island with the focus on the female Danish composers Hilda Sehested and Nancy Dalberg, who worked and lived there. It also stands for the golden wheat meadows in summer, wich is so beautiful described in the fairy tale of the „Ugly duck“ by HC Andersen.

The music of both Danish  women is composed in a deeply romantic and nordic emotional style.

Lisa Tjalve, soprano

Walter Florin, piano

Sacre Coeur - meditation in concert

Sacre Coeur is a spiritual experience in music for soprano, organ, synthesizer and piano with surround sound and impressive light ambience in churches.

Lisa Tjalve, soprano

Walter Florin, keyboards

Sacred Fire - a celtic symphony

Sacred Fire is a symphony composed by Walter Florin for singers, choir, dancers, celtic instruments and symphony orchestra. A mix of ancient sounds, symphonic styles and songs in celtic pop sound with a tovchful story about love and rituals oft the old celtic times.

A big screen behind the orchestra with impressive movies and pictures of celtic landscapes and stones completes the symphonic picture.


13 Oder til Maria - an oratoric opera

13 Oder til Maria is an oratoric opera after an idea and a libretto of Sananda Solaris - Veronica Kæer. Music is composed by Heinz Walter Florin.

The opera shows an inner journey of a woman away of suffering and pain to beauty and happiness leaded by the the divine goddess named Mary.


Mahler - Berg - Schoenberg - Recital

Lisa Tjalve and Walter Florin perfom an impressive Liederabend with works composed by Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg and Arnold Schoenberg.

The recording of this program was nominated for the ECHO-Klassik in Germany.

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